Thursday, October 16, 2014

Win A Luxurious DIOR Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace!

October 16, 2014

DSC_0386 Dior Giveaway

Hey everyone

I  am extremely excited to announce my first giveaway on: TamaraChloéStyleClues!

 I think it's time to give back to you all by hosting a contest that is just as fabulous as you are. Ever since I started blogging I have received so much love and support from you readers that this is my way to show my gratitude and appreciation.

What I have in store is a chance to win a very luxurious piece of jewelry from the Dior-Tell Me- collection priced at $630 each.

The -Tell me- collection contains gold plated dainty little necklaces that represent the twelve-star signs of the zodiac and makes wearing such a necklace very personal, therefore, incredibly special.  Every piece features a gorgeous combination of the finest glistening creme resin pearl like beads and black and white crystals.
The necklaces are very refined and the pendants cutesy small, so it is a piece of jewelry you can wear on a daily basis. As you all know, Dior stands for exquisite craftsmanship and allure and when I thought of hosting my first giveaway I wanted it to be nothing but the best!

Are you getting excited yet? Continue reading to find your zodiac sign and see for yourself how special these sparkly pieces are or visit the Dior website for more details on the complete collection right here

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Party

October 13, 2014

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_0878 Sheiside Cape, Michael Kors Selma bag, Tamara Chloé

Happy Monday everyone

The best fall days are the ones that still feel like summer, but with a certain breeze of crisp air.  In today's post, it's one of those days. Warm, sunny and golden leaves are falling from the trees. I absolutely love it. The golden colors are so magical, and it is great to bundle up in a cozy poncho like the one I am wearing from Sheinside right here. The colors reminded me of the fall, so that's is the reason it was love at first sight.

Me being one mixing colors all the time I thought I could do something different and keep the rest of the outfit all black making the poncho really pop and stick out this way.  I made sure the look had some texture going on by choosing the flowing top with silver thread detailing.

Fall is, of course, thé reason to get those tall boots out and like I promised I will show you multiple ways on how to wear them over the next few months. Over the knee boots pair perfectly with a poncho because it creates a very interesting silhouette. It makes you appear taller and slimmer, especially if you wear the jeans or pants in the same color. Now isn't this something we all want?

DSC_1293 Fall leafs

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sleeve Tied

October 7, 2014

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_0079 Red biker jacket, Chanel Boy bag, Blue fedora hat(3)

Hey everyone 

I am so sorry I have been absent for a week on this blog you guys. Last week I came down with a bit of a stomach flu.  This explains my lack of posting because all I could do was  lying on a couch drinking gallons of tea and holding movie marathons on HBO.  I was totally bummed out about it, especially as I wanted to shoot a real fabulous post on the beach last Saturday. Last weekend was probably the last warm  days of this summer here and with the weather cooling off quickly I am not sure if I will be able to do this beach shoot anytime soon. I guess I will have to submit myself to freezing in the water next week and pretend it's warm. Let's pray for some good weather, because I am anxious sharing this one with you all.  The good news is; I am back and healthy again and not going anywhere.

For today's post I am wearing a fierce red biker jacket which has been one of my absolute favorites ever since I got it about a year ago. The color red is hot for fall 2014. For me a great reason to keep holding on to this piece. that matches almost every outfit I can think of. I added this cool sleeve tie skirt for a casual sporty vibe but kept it chic by adding strapped heels and a crisp white blouse. I finished the look with a indigo blue hat.  For me a fun way of mixing different styles.

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fearless L.A. Babe

September 30, 2014

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_8604 Over The knee boots, Chanel Boybag, Zara dress (2)

Hey everyone

There is one good thing about the fall season, and that is the fact I will be able to throw on my over-the-knee boots again, yay!.  With the sporty trend going on at the moment, I thought it would be fun to pair these black suede sexy numbers with this sweater dress including a text that's me all over LOL.

Being a true Cali girl, I couldn't resist grabbing this cool piece as soon as I spotted it. The fun quote makes me miss L.A. just a little bit less, hmm only just a little.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Denim On Denim

September 25, 2014

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_8146 Denim On Denim, Zara bag, Adidas watch

Hey everyone 

 How is your week going so far? I currently love the denim on denim trend. It's so cool, edgy and a huge fall favorite for me. With the weather quickly changing I opted to dress this look with an oversized pinstriped blazer to keep me warm while adding pearls and a statement red bag for a colorful yet "classic chic" finish.

A statement red bag is thé must have for fall. Look around when you go shopping, and you will find them in almost every new fall collection in brand stores and the luxury brands. Red is one of my favorite colors, so I am sure not complaining here.  It's easy to match a red statement bag with any casual outfit and it absolutely looks gorgeous on black, camel, burgundy, brown and grey just to name a few basic colors. Make sure you pick up a red statement piece yourself and try out different looks with it this fall. It is a fun way of brightening up the gloomy rainy days ahead of us. What do you think?

DSC_8341 Zara bag, Adidas watch